Bovada Red Room

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is full of surprises that start when players have completed registration and placed bets. The first deposit made is matched to $3000, and there are many other excellent bonuses and unique offers given to players over time. And players are monitored for their loyalty and attachment to the Casino. There are no details about the Red Room Club. Still, players can suddenly receive an invitation to this elusive and exclusive Club and enjoy incredible extra bonuses, special treatment, and more.

The Extra Bonuses for Red Club Members

Red Club members are invited to join the Club and are introduced to a 100% match-up bonus every week for the first deposit made. After that, all points earned are doubled, and many additional exclusive offers and special rewards are given to members. Red Club members can win travel coupons and even be sent to the Superbowl or other fabulous events thanks to their Casino loyalty. There is no official list of promotions for Red Club Members. The members are updated weekly with the new offers by mail or through their personal Red Club account manager.

Free Deposits and Withdrawals for Red Club Members

Red Club members do not pay for withdrawals or deposits. All fees are covered by Bovada Casino, no matter which way they choose to place bets. And their transactions are quicker and more efficient than the regular players. Since Red Club members are VIPs, they are given priority in every aspect of the Casino, including support. Personal account managers provide VIP support and are available 24/7. And any request, question, or comment is the top priority. Bovada Casino does not detail anything about the Red Club Casino for players; they choose who can be invited and who is deserving. The more a player invests in Bovada, the more chances he has of being picked for the Red Club, and players are learning how exciting it is to be a member with all the many extra benefits and personal attention.